Wednesday, September 3, 2008


free iced coffee from POM
I answered 5 cups of coffee per day
iced coffee and hot
they are sending a week's supply
you also get free gifts
hugs from FREELANCER, Jane Rose


Anonymous said...

I said just 2 cups and still get to try it.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see how long it takes to get this. I am going out of town and want to make sure its here either before or after I leave or get back. I don't know if i missed it or what.

ydsddd said...

I drink about 4 cups/glasses of coffee per day at least. Love to try new products

Angel said...

Did anyone ever get any of the free POM coffee to try? I filled out the form and said 4 cups and was told at the end to expect to receive the stuff but I never heard back from then or got anything from them either.